About us

How and where did it all begin?

...over the sunny hills of Beverly Hills in California, where fame and innovation go hand in hand, an inspirational meeting took place in May 2015. Paul Vellek met with future investors to lay the foundations for something greater than just ideas. In this charming corner of the world, not only did the destinies of these individuals intersect, but also an idea was born that soon shaped the company's first headquarters. 

The place where the first meeting took place still serves as a symbol of this event and is captured in photographs not only on our website. This iconic location serves as a reminder of the beginning of Bluetme and what was born here. 

Whenever, wherever!

In the ever-evolving business world, Bluetme remains steadfastly by your side. We are always ready to lend a helping hand, not only anytime but anywhere as well. In an environment where business is constantly changing and evolving, Bluetme is your constant ally. Regardless of when you need assistance or where you are, we are here for you.

The popularity and innovation in business may ebb and flow, but our dedication to you remains unwavering. The dynamic nature of the business world brings challenges and opportunities that shift with current events. In this ever-changing environment, our commitment remains constant.

Whether it's day or night, whether you're on one side of the world or the other, our team is ready to provide its knowledge, resources, and assistance. We understand that the demands of business know no boundaries or time zones. Whether you need strategic consultation, technical support, or help with financial matters, we are here for you.

Don't just consider us as advisors but as companions on your journey. We believe in the potential of your vision and the impact of your efforts, which is why we offer continuous support tailored to your needs and circumstances. Bluetme not only provides assistance but offers a partnership that transcends time and place. Your success is our shared goal, and we are here to be your support at every step of your journey.

Steadfast Connectivity in a Dynamic Business World

Our team is comprised of many recognized experts who bring rich experiences from various fields and corners of the world. The connection of this diverse expertise allows us to address a broad spectrum of needs and challenges. From ensuring seamless IT and software infrastructure to comprehensive financing, finding suitable investors, and developing optimal economic and sales strategies, we are ready to delve into the details to ensure your successful journey.

Each member of our team brings unique perspectives and skills that intertwine and synergistically complement each other. We believe that it is this wealth of knowledge and creativity that enables us to seek innovative solutions and tailor-made strategies leading to the achievement of your goals. Whether it's technological challenges, financial structures, or strategic directions, our doors are open, and our experiences are available to help you build a successful future.

Where the word "Bluetme" originate from and what it means?

The name Bluetme is derived from the first project, an application that was based on communication between users using bluetooth technology. "Bluet" was the term for a message sent within the application ("bluet" me = text me).

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