Adler Resort

Guests at the Adler Resort Hotel in Hinterglemm in the Austrian Alps are already enjoying our slip-resistant nanotechnology applications, both indoors around the spa pool and outdoors in front of the hotel in areas where there is an increased risk of slipping.

The Adler Resort is one of the most modern hotel facilities in the Austrian part of the Alps near Salzburg. Guests enjoy a full range of services - excellent cuisine, outstanding staff, state-of-the-art spa - and can combine their stay with conferences and social events. Highly recommended! For more information and to book, please click here.

Nanotech products

We greatly appreciate your increased interest in our nanotech products during this period, however we will endeavour to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours. Bluetme Team

Why put yourself at risk of injury to clients and potential
legal consequences? Use our revolutionary
anti-slip protection for all surfaces!

Distribution & Implementation of products based on latest research of nanotechnology.
We cooperate with the top producers, having multiple patents and licences.

Safety anti-slip application

It is a long-lasting transparent protection with a strong anti-slip effect that does not change the appearance of the surface despite its high functionality. When applied, thousands of indentations are formed in the surface, from which liquid is forced out when stepped on and the resulting vacuum prevents slipping on wet floors. Due to its composition, this application becomes part of the applied surface and therefore does not peel or roll. There is no need to change the maintenance method on such an applied surface. The surface can also be cleaned by machine. The application does not require any structural modifications and is immediately passable after neutralisation. The lifetime of the anti-slip application depends on the resistance of the particular material. We know from experience
that it can be 8 years or more.

It can be used on ceramic, granite, slate, smooth concrete, enamel surfaces, mosaics, basalt and other mineral surfaces.

Our application can increase the effectiveness of becoming an "anti-slip" pavement up to Group C,
application works on treated floor surfaces in minutes, can be easily tested.

Where can I use the application?

Mainly in swimming pools, water parks, saunas and wellness areas. In restaurants and hotels, in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, cloakrooms, on railway station platforms, in hospitals and social facilities (nursing homes, nursing homes, institutions for the mentally and physically disabled), in sports grounds, at petrol stations, in shopping malls, wherever there is an increased risk of slipping on wet surfaces. Can it be used in food processing and industrial plants? Yes, it is suitable for use in food and industrial plants against oil and other slippery liquids. It is used on tiles, granite, ceramics, stoneware, marble. 

Will it damage the surface?

Application does not cause degradation of the existing surface.

Can be used in food and industrial plants?

Yes, it is suitable for use in food and industrial plants against oil
and other slippery liquids. 
It is used on tiles, granite, ceramics, stoneware, marble.

Will it damage the surface?
Application does not cause degradation of the existing surface.  

What are the approvals?

The application will provide preventive anti-slip protection with R10 classification and C>24°
classification, DIN 51097, EN 134 51-1, CEN/TS 16165, DIN 51130, EN 72 5191, EN ISO 10545-7

Cleaning and cleaning products

Our range of cleaning products is a powerful calibre for any kind of dirt. We can clean surfaces that are very heavily soiled as well as those that are routinely soiled. We can handle heavily adhered grease, calcium, salt and mineral deposits, limescale, rust stains, atmospheric dirt, greasy (traffic) grime, acid grease and extra tough stains of indeterminate origin.

We offer both the sale of highly effective cleaning products and surface cleaning as a service.

Our services and products are mainly used in the cleaning of house facades, roofing, cladding of halls and industrial buildings, petrol station areas, various types of floors and tiles. We also clean listed buildings
(historical buildings, statues, monuments), tombstones, tombs.

Can you buy your cleaning products?

Yes. We sell highly effective cleaning products.

Do you also do cleaning?

Yes, we do. We provide surface cleaning as a service.

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