What we do..

..let's start with your vision, which we will not only design but also implement. We will assemble your project from start to finish. We will provide not only hardware and software support but also seek financial resources, identify potential investors, and create an optimal economic and sales strategy! 

Our portfolio is filled with inspirational ideas and innovations, bringing you projects that truly captivate. We start from the very concept and sophisticated programming, through the development of mobile and PC applications, website design, all the way to precise ongoing management – all of which forms the core of our business. We understand the uniqueness of each project, and therefore, we provide continuous service as a standard. Our vision is to comprehend what makes each project unique, enabling us to deliver sustainable high-level support.

Unlike typical companies focused solely on providing hardware and software (working with what's already created), we are able to completely design, deconstruct, and innovate applications or websites. Our team has the ability to create and transform projects in a way that you don't have to be an expert in the field. Additionally, we always bring innovative ideas to the project that will surprise you and take your project to a new level. That's what makes our work unique!

We open gateways to new horizons and possibilities!

Bluetme - Nanotechnology Unveiling possibilities! Distributing and implementing cutting-edge products utilizing the latest research in nanotechnology. We collaborate with leading innovators holding patent protection and licenses.

Bluetme - Startups Ignite your business idea! Assessing your visionary plan and strategy, crafting your business plan, and strengthening your communication with potential investors, including fundraising campaigns.

Bluetme - Publishing and Literary Agency A breakthrough partner for literary stars! Supporting new and talented authors making their mark on the international stage. As their advocates, we handle negotiations with agencies and collaborate with emerging streaming giants not only in the USA but worldwide. With our expertise in PR and careful protection of their intellectual property, we are guardians of their literary legacy.

At the same time, we are working on an entirely new global concept for writers and screenwriters that has never been seen before. Be prepared for another thrilling development as we continue to change the paradigm for creative minds. 

Bluetme - Financial Advisory We develop your financial vision! Crafting business plans, conducting detailed financial analysis, communicating with banks and potential investors, and successfully executing fundraising campaigns. Your financial goals are our commitment.

Bluetme - Commodities Elevating commodity trading to a global level! Specializing in cross-border commodity transactions, providing representation for both sellers and buyers abroad, and creating optimal economic and tax strategies for international trades. Your commodity transactions will have a global reach and local profitability.

Bluetme - Public Projects Pushing the boundaries of social responsibility and engagement! Our passion for supporting the environment and public communities drives us to create innovative projects that change the world around us. We take pride in our involvement in initiatives that improve people's quality of life and contribute to a sustainable future. Bluetme - where words and actions go hand in hand for the benefit of society.

Bluetme - Social Responsibility Going beyond mere commerce and business! We are ignited for positive changes in society. With a passion for environmental protection and community empowerment, we strive to create projects that have a real impact on the world around us. Our commitment includes community support, innovative initiatives, and addressing current issues. We are proud to be a catalyst for change and contribute to social progress. Bluetme - for a better and stronger society.

Bluetme - International Trade Opening doors to international opportunities! Focusing on smooth cross-border commodity transactions and ensuring representation for sellers and buyers abroad. Our goal is to achieve optimal economic and tax strategies for your international business activities. Your success is our global commitment.

-- Bluetme --