Major Projects

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Safety anti-slip application

It is a long-lasting transparent protection with a strong anti-slip effect that does not change the appearance of the surface despite its high functionality.
When applied, thousands of indentations are formed in the surface, from which liquid is forced out when stepped on and the resulting vacuum prevents slipping on wet floors.

Chill out with Lounge TV

Lounge TV is coming up with a unique global TV broadcasting format. It combines the music of leading national and international DJs with stunning footage in full 4K resolution. The main focus of the broadcast is videos from around the world and various thematic blocks accompanied by quality
Lounge music.

Our state-of-the-art technology
for felling and forest management

Bluetme, in cooperation with our partners, can provide complete care for your forest. We harvest timber using modern harvesting technology, which allows, among other things, logging in difficult terrain and so-called risk felling. Our after-care of forest management includes forest cleaning and planting activities - planting of new trees and their subsequent regular care - reforestation, including supply of planting material, forest protection, education of young forest stands), and subsequent ongoing care of planted trees (pruning, thinning, etc.).